Classic Pedicure

Soak your feet in sea soak to relax, cuticle cure, nails is trim and shape, includes callus treatment. Enjoy a scent sugar scrub plus 5 minutes massage & hot towel clean up. Finish with your choice of color.

Spa Pedicure

Start your feet with Classic pedicure follow by hydrating foot masque wrapped with hot towel. Soft your heal in warm paraffin wax. Enjoy 7 minutes hot stone massage & Hot towel clean up. Finish with your choice of color.

Citrus Tropical Pedicure

At first, feel embrace with our warm neck wrap. The tantalizing scent of citrus with its natural exfoliating, and the additional of fresh orange slices incorporated into your service. Feel warm in paraffin sock. Enjoy 10 minutes hot stone massage. 

Milk and Honey Pedicure

Loosen out tall tight muscle with warm neck wrap. Brighten, soften with our milky bat soak, the alluring of real milk and honey extracts to melt away your stressful day and paraffin wax. Stay calm in 15 minutes reflexology massage.

Jelly Pedicure

This is a Unique Spa Experience to ultimate y pedicure. Pamper you by warm neck wrap, Feel tighten in jelly soak and scrub on your feet. Wash it out by Ylang Ylang flowers sugar, feet. Cool down with Ylang Ylang flower masque, warm sock paraffin wax. Enjoy 20 minutes hot stone massage.

Volcano Spa Pedicure

Warm Herbal neck wrap. Take an advance 5 step spa in box with bubbling and fizzing, anti: bacterial soft soak, organic scrub, collagen organic cream mask. Warm sock paraffin wax collagen organic lotion. Exfoliates dry skin in 22 minutes with hot stone massage

Luxury R&R Spa Nu Skin

Our extravagant nail service for the finest of R&R. Included herbal neck wrap. Herbal mineral foot bath and to pamper you, even more, our body cleansing gel and Liquid Body Luffa made especially detox your body of any stress. Ice dancer invigorating leg gel sole solution foot treatment. Baobab body butter, an all-natural pedicure that purifies, adds and elevates healthy-looking skin. Hot wax included. Rest and relax with 25 minutes stone massage, foot exfoliation.

Lovely Mama’s Pedicure ( Pregnancy Women)

An essential of ginger root extract with fresh slices of ginger, half of cup rock sea soak goes a long way in relieving swelling and shore feet, to aid circulation and give you an energy boost with peppermint cooling ice mask with warm towels wrap. Mint lotion with massage will blow your stress and heavy feeling feet away. 20 minutes reflexology massage

Active Foot Pedicure (Athletic, Walking a lot)

This pedicure is a heavy treatment for tiredness feet. Mineral, in concert with the Epsom salt soak, can clean your feet thoroughly enough to remove germs, bacteria not seen with the naked eye. The combination of salt, water, soaking sanitizes can help inhibit bacteria, foot odor and prevent itching. Refresh your feet with next workout with our herbal lemongrass spa. 15 minutes strong massage.

Light Exfoliate Pedicure (Diabetic)
For seriously healthy feet, thorough examination to give perfect cut, trim, dry skin, callus treatment, olive essential lotion to rejuvenate and stimulate new cell growth, hydration for dry skin, softly 12 minutes gentle massage.
$5 & Up
Acrylic Big-toe